What is Diabetes?

Today over 200 million people worldwide have Diabetes and this number is increasing

each year. If you or someone close to you has diabetes, it is important to understand

as much as you can about the condition.

At Pharmaviva Pharmacy, we offer the Diabetes Shop Programme which includes the


a. 10 (ten) individual sessions.

  1. 1.Medication Review Session

  2. 2.Newly Diagnosed Session

  3. 3.Insulin Initiation Session

  4. 4.Blood Glucose Control Session

  5. 5.Delaying and Preventing Diabetes Complications.

  6. 6.Blood Pressure Control in Diabetes

  7. 7.Lipid Control in Diabetes

  8. 8.Basic in Nutrition for Diabetic Patients

  9. 9.Insulin Pump Opportunity

  10. 10.School Age Children and Diabetes

  1. b.4 Clinic Days Per Year

  2. c.Diabetic Cooking Books

  3. d.Sharp Containers Exchange

  4. e.Insulin Pump Supplies

  5. f.Diabetic Socks, Medic Bracelets, Dextrose Tablets

  6. g.Wide range of Glucometers

Remember: A Certified Diabetes Educator is practicing onsite.